The Elegant Edging Difference



Expansion Joints

The upper Midwest is infamous for its harsh winters. With extremely cold temperatures comes the unavoidable effects of "frost heave" or ground movement due to freezing ground water. To counteract this naturally occurring problem, controlled cuts known as "expansion joints" are added to concrete to minimize the negative impact of the shifting ground. Concrete is guaranteed to crack as the ground shifts but the use of expansion joints causes the cracks to occur inside the joints where they are nearly invisible from the surface. This allows the face of your concrete curbing to remain intact and looking great for years to come. While all companies create expansion joints during their curbing installation, nearly all of them place their joints 24-36 inches apart which leaves long distances where cracking is still likely to occur on the face of the curbing. Elegant Edging places their expansion joints every 14 inches which not only offers outstanding protection against unwanted cracks, it also looks much more aesthetically pleasing. After several years, many of our curbing projects remain crack free. No other company can say the same.


Nearly all concrete curbing being installed today is colored to add extra visual appeal. Customers put a lot of time and consideration into selecting a color because they want their curbing to complement their home or business. Unfortunately after a few years, the color has faded significantly and no longer has the same appeal. Elegant Edging offers a solution to that problem by applying a sealant to their curbing after installation. This sealant protects the integral color in the concrete from UV rays which cause fading. Very few companies take this extra step to ensure their color remains true and some of them even charge extra for it. Elegant Edging seals all of their colored curbing and at no additional cost. We want our customers to have great-looking curbing for years.